The Palatine Township Republican Organization (PTRO) announced its endorsements for elected office after a meeting of its board of directors.

“We had a very engaged discussion at our endorsement session,” said Aaron Del Mar, Palatine Township Republican committeeman said of the May 16 event. “Our board discussed the issues, the candidates and we came to an agreement. We had candidates for U.S. Senate, congress, governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state senate, Cook County commissioner and judge of the 13th Judicial Sub-Circuit.”

PTRO guidelines require that a candidate receive 60% of the cast votes in order to receive an endorsement or at least 50% to be recommended. In the race for U.S. Senate, there was no endorsement or recommendation. Peggy Hubbard received 33% of the vote, Kathy Salvi received 33% and Bobby Piton received 33%.

For governor, the team of Gary Rabine and Aaron Del Mar received an endorsement. Dan Brady was endorsed for secretary of state and Tom Devore for attorney general. For congress, Maggie McGonigal was endorsed for the 5th Congressional District and Peter Kopsaftis for the 8th District.

For the state senate seat in the 27th District, Joshua Alvarado was endorsed. In the race for judge of the 13th Judicial Sub-Circuit, Christine Svenson was endorsed. Matt Podgorski and Benton Howser received the endorsement for Cook County commissioner.

Literature and yard signs for the endorsed candidates are available at the PTRO office at 765 N. Quentin Rd. in Palatine. Individuals can pick up these materials at the next PTRO meeting on June 4 between 8:30 and 10 a.m.