Born in a village near Sparta, Greece near the end of World War II. The Germans had invaded Greece during the war and in the ensuing fighting, the little village of Karyes was burned to the ground. The families rebuilt their homes and farms. Peter grew up instilled in a work ethic that included hard work from sunrise to sunset.

Life in Greece was particularly hard for Peter, the eldest of three children, struggling to survive and pursue an education. Many people in the village and surrounding communities were beginning to emigrate to the United States. The hard times in Greece made the appeal for America and its bounty even more appealing.

In 1958 the family sailed from the Port of Patra in Greece to New York City. Young Peter marveled at the sheer scope of the tall buildings and the welcoming torch held by Lady Liberty. The family did not speak English and had few possessions, but they now had hope and the promise of the American Dream.

The family chose the American Midwest as their destination and Chicago was the place that Peter would rise from child to man. Midwest values of hard work, church, and family fit well with the Kopsaftis family. Those values would serve Peter his whole life as they brought happiness and stability.

The language barrier was tough to overcome especially for a young teenager, but Peter overcame many obstacles and with school and church he lived a normal American life. Peter enlisted into the United States Army during the Vietnam War and served in the reserves. Following his service to his country, he embarked on his lifelong career in business.

In the early 80’s Peter married his wife Frances and they welcomed their new son Paaris into the world. The family moved to Barrington where Peter and Frances wished to provide a solid suburban upbringing for their child. Peter was doing well with his business ventures and the American Dream was his.

In 1985 Peter founded his first company engaging in acquisitions of properties and development management of commercial and industrial properties. In 2000 he founded a second company providing funding for commercial real estate projects. 

Peter has become active in his community. He serves on the board of the Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Center in Wheeling, Illinois. He currently serves as the Barrington Township Republican Committeeman/ President and he has assisted many local elected officials in their campaigns for public office.